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London Whale Rescue Effort

London Network Scaffolding Special Projects Limited were involved with the rescue effort of London's stranded whale at Teddington Lock overnight (10th May 2021). Sadly the whale was put to sleep after sustaining injuries the day before. A huge thank you to our team for all their help in the rescue effort and delivering the whale to Whipsnade Zoo (11th May 2021) this morning for a post mortem examination.

Hundreds of people gathered along riverbanks in south-west London after the whale was first spotted on Sunday.

It was first freed from Richmond Lock but became stranded a second time in Teddington.

Rescuers earlier said the mammal's condition had deteriorated "rapidly" and a vet team had been working to "end its suffering".

The minke, which measured between 3m (10ft) and 4m (13ft), was first spotted near Barnes Bridge and became stranded on Richmond Lock's boat rollers at about 19:00 BST on Sunday.

RNLI teams managed to remove it but it escaped as it was being towed and was seen swimming between Richmond and Teddington earlier on Monday before becoming stuck.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue previously said the whale had been having difficulty swimming as its "strength reserves seem to be compromised".

They said a veterinary team had been "on stand by to euthanise the animal to end its suffering".

"I just wanted to say many thanks once again for the huge efforts you, your family and your team made yesterday. I think it's fair to say that none of it would have been possible without your considerable generosity and support. It was an absolute pleasure working with you all and I was massively impressed by the way you put things together so quickly and efficiently- thanks again." - Rob Deaville (Project Manager) UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme.


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