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LNS and St.Ricks Panthers: Top of the League

The London Network Scaffolding LTD (LNS) sponsored football team; St Ricks Panthers are sitting pretty at the top of Division 2 of the Southern Area Christian Football League (SACFL).

After 9 straight victories (7 pre-season friendlies and 2 league games), the St.Ricks Panthers head-up Division 2 of the SACFL. After a tough game on Saturday, the Pink Panthers started slowly and conceded a penalty but switched on after half time to see Ibs score 2 and Justin 1. They then conceded another penalty near the end to close the game out at 3:2. Another 3points in the bag.

The goal of the team is to be different, to follow the teachings of Jesus in fair play, justice and loving their neighbours. The St.Ricks Panthers believe in competitiveness not aggression, most local football teams have lots of aggression in their play, which the panthers believe takes away the enjoyment of the game.

The SACFL is made up of Christian Teams from across the South East of England. They are proud to be in their 35th Season and are the longest running Footballing Church league in the Country, and possibly the largest. There are 3 regular divisions, a Vets league (for the over 35’s) as well as a Challenge Cup and Challenge Trophy. All teams are affiliated with the Surrey FA and also regularly enter teams into Cup Competitions and the National Church Cups as well.

For more information on St.Ricks Panthers, please visit:


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