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The Swedish Embassy, Marylebone

London Network Scaffolding Ltd have recently completed the erection of a temporary roof structure at The Swedish Embassy in London’s Marylebone for Swedish roofing company; HAGMANS TAK.

The works being carried out for subcontractor HAGMANS TAK on behalf of Rotgruppen and Statens Fastighetsverk (The National Property Board of Sweden who own The Swedish

Embassy) are for the removal and replacement of the buildings old roof and insulation.

The project which also includes a new waterproof membrane being fitted to the roof will last for approximately 8-10 weeks.

“We have really enjoyed working with London Network Scaffolding LTD in London and so far we are very impressed with all the help they have given us.” – Martin Malmström (HAGMANS TAK)

HAGMANS TAK have worked with waterproofing on low-sloped roofs for over 50 years.

Operating all over Sweden (and now the UK), all of their roofers are seasoned professionals with alert eyes and have extensive experience solving problems for property owners and managers.

London Network Scaffolding LTD have supplied and erected a system access scaffold to all elevations of The Swedish Embassy to provide sound foundations for them to install the Layher Keder Roof XL System to protect contractor’s onsite from the ever-changing British weather.

The Layher Keder Roof XL System is a new product being offered by London Network Scaffolding LTD.

Featuring aluminium rails fixed to the ridges, trusses and eaves of a temporary roof frame, into which translucent sheets are simply slid into position, the Layher Keder Roof System meets on site needs in terms of performance and appearance.

The Keder XL design features an enhanced lattice beam and top chord profile, and is the only roof beam with an integrated sheeting track. The system can be specified to meet light, standard or heavy-duty installation needs.

Alongside the use of Layher’s Keder Roof XL, London Network Scaffolding LTD have also provided the contractor with another new product in their expanding range of site hoardings; the Layher Protect System.

The Protect System is designed for use with both Tube and Fitting and System Scaffolds and provides a well proven means of containing noise and dust, with added aesthetic benefits.

Featuring a lightweight aluminium frame that is in-filled with either clear plastic sheeting (for visual and natural light), sheet steel or plastic webbing to create a complete ‘skin’ around a structure, both internal and external protection is achieved. Additionally, the in-filled frames may be sign-written as advertising space for projects. A wide range of panel sizes is available to match precise installation dimensions resulting in fast, economical and versatile applications that can also enhance site appearance. In this case, the Protect System has been used to secure the ground level of a working hoist at The Swedish Embassy and contains advertising space for the contractors. Finally, the Protect System can be insulated with a material for noise abatement on sites with close proximity to neighbouring properties.

“I’m very pleased with what we have achieved onsite thus far. We’ve not only provided the contractor with existing and proven services from within our product range but we have also introduced and enhanced our offerings with the help of Layher’s Keder XL Roofing and Protect Systems. Both systems providing our business with the means to move forward and challenge our rivals within the industry. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside the contractors involved with such a prestigious project. We look forward to working with our partners on future projects.” – Gary Flynn (London Network Scaffolding Ltd)

The task of The Swedish Embassy is to represent Sweden, the Swedish Government in the UK and to promote Swedish interests. The Embassy handles a large number of applications for Swedish passports, registrations of newborns, visas and other consular and official matters.

The Embassy has close contact with other Swedish organisations in the UK such as the Swedish Trade Council, VisitSweden, the two Swedish churches and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on HAGMANS TAK, please visit:

For more information on Layher’s product range, please visit:

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