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Event Stage: Crown Road Community Summer Fair

London Network Scaffolding Ltd recently provided an events stage for the St Margaret's Crown Road Summer Fair.

Featuring live bands such as The Zero Hours, Garage Racer, The All Beats, The Fades, Skaletrix and Sugar T and the Swells - the day was a huge success.

London Network Scaffolding LTD supplied and erected a system scaffold events stage which included their Layher Keder Roof XL System.

The Layher Keder Roof XL System is a new product being offered by London Network Scaffolding LTD.

Featuring aluminium rails fixed to the ridges, trusses and eaves of a temporary roof frame, into which translucent sheets are simply slid into position, the Layher Keder Roof System meets on site needs in terms of performance and appearance.

The Keder XL design features an enhanced lattice beam and top chord profile, and is the only roof beam with an integrated sheeting track. The system can be specified to meet light, standard or heavy-duty installation needs.

For more information on St Margaret's Crown Road Summer Fair, please visit:

For more information on Layher’s product range, please visit:

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