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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital: CW+MediCinema

London Network Scaffolding LTD and Layher UK have recently been involved with a project at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to construct an onsite “MediCinema”. Two charities partnered together to bring a state-of-the-art cinema to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. The CW+MediCinema was officially launched in October at a special event in the hospital attended by donors, supporters, hospital staff and patients.

A system birdcage scaffold was erected to help with the construction of the CW+MediCinema. The scaffold being progressively raised with the project works.

The CW+ MediCinema has capacity for 40 seats, 5 hospital beds and 6 wheelchairs, meaning it is fully accessible for all. The cinema will screen films three times a week, for patients of all ages including in and outpatients.

As always with a MediCinema, nursing staff are present for every screening and more one-to-one support can be provided for patients who have greater needs.

When the cinema is not screening films, it will be used as a paediatric teaching space, training the next generation of medical staff using the latest technology. The space will also provide a venue for some of CW+’s special performing arts activities for patients.

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