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Scaffolder of the Month: December

London Network Scaffolding Special Projects Limited have jointly awarded Anthony Dunne and Bartek Zaluga as their “Scaffolder of the Month” for December 2015. Bartek and Anthony were awarded M&S Vouchers, a trophy and certificate at an event attended by Richmond Metropolitan Police Borough Commander Colin Kennedy, Sargent Les Jackson and WPCSO Guinnie Mooneesawmy.

Anthony Dunne’s journey with London Network Scaffolding Special Projects Limited is symbolic of the efforts by the company to help those who are disadvantaged along with the help from Richmond Metropolitan Police team.

Anthony; who was homeless just three months ago and living in a tent on Richmond Circus roundabout, was given an opportunity by the business as part of their rehabilitation programme after Sargent Les Jackson and WPCSO Guinnie Mooneesawmy approached LNS Director; Gary Flynn. Gary is also coordinator of Richmond Street Pastors, which in partnership with LNS has formed the rehabilitation programme.

The rehabilitation programme aims to help those disadvantaged by bringing them into employment, helping them overcome their struggles (whether they be homeless, addicted to alcohol or drugs, having social problems etc.). Since being on the programme, Anthony has flourished. He now has his own apartment and is carving out a career at LNS.

Both operatives are responsible for the smooth running of the LNS Yard and Warehouse, ensuring stock levels are correct, housekeeping is kept in order, material load and return lists are produced for every job, servicing of company materials and loading Lorries.

“I’m grateful of the chance to be part of the LNS rehabilitation programme in partnership with the Richmond Metropolitan Police. Since joining the programme I have been able to find myself a flat and save for my future whilst gaining skilled training to further my career in the industry. If the programme works for me, especially considering the position I was in, then it will work for many other disadvantaged members of the public. I am so thankful to the Richmond Police force for approaching Gary to give me this big opportunity.”Anthony Dunne.

Due the success story of Antony and Barteck; Gary Flynn along with SRG Les Jackson, WPCSO Guinnie Mooneesawmy and the team at Richmond Metropolitan Police Station are in the process of trying to make this a long-term continuous programme in helping those from the streets and ex-offenders and possibly changing the lives of many that want the opportunity to turn their lives around.

If you are interested in supporting financially or any other way, please use the contact details below.

For more information on our rehabilitation programme and how it may help you or somebody you know, please contact Gary Flynn on or visit

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