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Spotlight: Poplar Depot (DLR), London

London Network Scaffolding Special Projects LTD have just completed the install of a Layher System bridged scaffold at London’s Poplar Depot (DLR) for client; Emico. The scaffold is being used by the contractor to install new air-conditioning units on top of the existing office blocks.

London Network Scaffolding Special Projects LTD utilised their Layher Protect System for hoarding purposes at the base of the staircase attached to the Layher System bridged scaffold. The Protect System used on the project is designed for use with both Tube and Fitting and System Scaffolds and provides a well proven means of containing noise and dust, with added aesthetic benefits. Featuring a lightweight aluminium frame that is in-filled with either clear plastic sheeting (for visual and natural light), sheet steel or plastic webbing to create a complete ‘skin’ around a structure, both internal and external protection is achieved. Additionally, the in-filled frames may be sign-written as advertising space for projects.

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