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London Network Scaffolding LTD Awarded C360 Crossrail Contract in Eleanor Street, Bow

London Network Scaffolding LTD has been awarded another lucrative CrossRail contract in the heart of the capital to provide ADAPT® System Scaffolding for Re-Gen UK (a trading division of Roseville Projects Ltd).

The ADAPT® System Scaffolding provided by strategic partner; Metalusa ( will be used for access to construct the sites Boundary Wall, 19 Chalet / Static Caravan plots and their associated Loading Bays. These works form part of the CrossRail project to relocate and rehouse residents at the site where a new ventilation shaft will be built.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the C360 project working with such a prestigious and professional business like Re-Gen UK. The contract will allow us once again to showcase the ADAPT® System as well as the first class service we have been able to provide CrossRail with over the last 12 months.” - Gary Flynn (Director)

Works are scheduled to commence in late July.

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