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Dumpton Place, Camden

London Network Scaffolding LTD are currently working on a project for client; Peak Construction in Camden supplying various scaffolds within close proximity to a live rail for the construction of timber framed houses.

As the construction of these buildings are within four meters of Network Rail overhead lines carrying 25,000 volts, an isolation / possession had to be obtained from Network Rail which only gave operatives a limited amount of time to erect the scaffold and seal the scaffold with a Shrink Wrap covering.

Due to the size of the scaffolding (forty five meters long and twelve meters high), this would have not been possible with conventional tube and fitting scaffold. In order for this project to be carried out safely and within the designated time period allowed for the possession, we used the Layher Allround Scaffold System.

The structure is also free stood but has a buttress behind the screen which is bolted to the ground. This was also ideal due to the strength and versatility of the Layher system.

Aside from the supply of scaffold for construction of new build houses, we have also supplied the client with a dead shore scaffold to take the weight of a twelve tonne Telehandler and materials. This was necessary as it gave the client their only access onto site. The dead shore scaffold contains over six-hundred braces to ensure that there are no issues in the transportation of the Telehandler and materials.

Both scaffolds are intended to be in place for several months whilst the client carries out their works onsite.

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